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Why should I book Audrey's Makeup for my wedding day?
Hiring a professional Makeup artist for your wedding day is paramount to assure you will look your most beautiful. This is YOUR day, probably the most special day of your lifetime, and all eyes will be focused on you alone. Your face, your eyes, and the glow that emanates from a bride in love. You want to look as beautiful as you feel. You are creating memories to last a lifetime... the photos and videos are perpetual records for you and your future generations. You are the Star !

What products do you use?
Audrey only uses the highest quality of professional, hypo-allergenic, long lasting make-up products including Gorgeous, Inglot, Mac, Napoleon and more.
Only amazingly soft, top of the line makeup brushes are used.

What services do you provide?
Audrey's professional make-up services include bridal, glamour, photography, debutante, formals, fashion and runway, editorial, teen make-over parties, special events, consultations and more.
Bridal hair styling also avaialble on request.

Are there additional travel costs?
Yes, there may be a small travel fee involved depending on how far the artist will need to travel. Parking costs within the CBD will need to be covered.

Do you offer a consultation / trial ?
Yes. In the case of bridal and other formal events, an initial trial for a small additional fee is a must. The trial is usually only for the bride, to afford her the opportunity to discuss the makeup style she wants. But family and/or friends are more than welcome to attend and share the moment.

What usually happens during a consultation?
Your ideas are crucial so that Audrey can interpret them in the best possible way. For optimum results, it's a good idea to bring pictures of the type of look you desire. Based on your requests, Audrey will do your trial makeup run ... which means you'll be a princess on that day as well as on your wedding day.

How much time will you need on the day of the event?
Approx. an hour for the bride and about half an hour for each additional person. Therefore the total time depends on how many people are involved.

Will my makeup last the whole day?
Yes! The professional makeup used will last up to 12 hours. However, expect the usual minor touch-ups such as replenishing your lipstick and gently blotting any shine from your face once in a while. If you've chosen false lashes, don't worry - they won't fall off... they can stay on for up to 2 full days.

Does the Make-up need to be heavy for photographs?
No, it doesn't have to be heavy but it does have to be applied correctly and professionally using high quality products. A professional make-up artist knows how to make the most of your features, even out skin tone, emphasize your eyes and make sure you look as beautiful as possible.

What about hygiene ?
It is vital that hygiene be a top priority. The makeup kit should be tidy and organized. The artist's brushes should be spotlessly clean. Audrey only uses brand new sponges for each client and sanitized brushes and tools. We guarantee that you will never have to worry about cross-contamination or the spread of bacteria and disease.

Do you provide services at a location of my choice?
All bridal services are provided on-site. Audrey comes to you!
* Please note that travel and parking fees will be applied ..